Saturday, July 27, 2013

Supper for two, six years later

I grilled some pork chops with preserved Meyer lemons last night, and plenty of rosemary from the pot on the roof, and garlic. As they cooled, I dressed them with extra preserved lemon, fresh lemon juice, and olive oil. Then they were sliced, and eaten at roof temperature. Really, really good... I served them with fresh figs.

As I wandered in Prospect Park yesterday, doing some reconnaissance for tomorrow's foraging walk for the BBG, it occurred to me that I wanted to eat a sweetish yet spicy carrot salad for supper. So at home I cooked some carrots cut into half moons, and then added them to sauteed garlic, toasted coriander, powdered ginger, and a spoonful of chestnut honey. Finished that all with lemon juice, sliced hot green chiles, lots of mint form the terrace, and olive oil. It was wonderful.

The stressed Iceberg is doing a little better and has put out a tentative second flush.

The sky was beautiful.

Vince just reminded me that six years ago today, I left a comment on his blog.

Which reminded me that things could be a lot worse.


  1. It all looks delicious and beautiful.........where are you finding fresh figs like that?
    I was tricked into buying a box from Calif and they had no sweetness whatsoever, so am going to wait for September for my figs to produce into beauties.

    Enjoy this nice weekend. xo

    1. These figs could have been from Cali.

      Last year my breba figs were ripe now, on the tree; but because I pruned the fig tree I'll only have the main crop, in September. I think it's possible that breba crops are ready on this coast - but don't know how important they are commercially.

      ...have a good weekend, too!

  2. That is totally romantic! Enjoy the cooler - less humid - weather for a few more days. We still have to survive August.

  3. Divine. Interested to know why you peel your figs...?

    1. Perhaps an affectation. I peeled them when I was little, and we had a tree. Seemed more luscious, somehow. Now I tell myself I peel them because I don't know what's on the skin. My own, from the terrace, I tend not to peel - super-thin skin.

  4. The pork chops look delicious but the carrots sound very enticing. Your sunset photo is beautiful.


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