Monday, July 1, 2013

Fruit on the roof

...apparently more than one man can eat. So I suggested that The Frenchman freeze the berries, and I'll whip something up when I return to Brooklyn. The man loves a fool.

You know: whipped cream and fruit. But he did marry me...

I am really happy about that blueberry bush's performance. I was worried about cross pollination (two cultivars are best for good fruit), as my neighbour Danielle's shrub was ailing. But apparently the bumble bees were successful. Maybe there are others in the hood? Last year the bush was straggly, with old wood, gangly limbs, and small berries, so the cutting-back in summer produced nice new growth, upon which the next crop forms. Add a pound of fresh coffee as mulch (to increase acidity - and I repeat, ad nauseum, that used coffee grounds are no good: their pH is practically neutral) and organic rose fertilizer (!)...happy blueberries.

Very sorry to be missing the black raspberry. What a pretty little tart its fruit would have made.

Alpine strawberries, freshly watered by the novice gardener. Growing in a muggy New York summer. 

I have always loved fruit, and growing even these potfuls thrills me. Virtually, for now.
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