Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer farmers market

Borough Hall itself. Seat of Brooklyn power. The cafe tables and chairs arrived about a year ago, I think, and turned the unused and paved piazza into a place where people wanted to be. Even in sticky summer.

I was hunting black currants, again. But they had all been snapped up by a man who had told the vendor that his wife smashed them with sugar, kept them in the fridge and that they spread them on bread. Sounds like a Swede, don't you think? So I will try again tomorrow. "Come early," said the man.

Dill flowers.

And too-far-gone-for-me male squash blossoms (the females turn into squash. Huh: Don't we all, if we are not careful? I have to go back to gym.) Very fresh blossoms are easier to stuff, but these wilted petals are too hard, if not impossible, to separate. They would still be fine as a cooked vegetable.

Nice Legs! I mean, Nice Market! What can I say? He ran into my picture.

Oh. I am wary of those big red tomatoes. I think they are too early. They have tunnel written all over them.


  1. Does NYC have quite a few farmer's markets? We're lucky here in Seattle, we have one of the country's old farmer's market, Pike Place Market which runs all year and within the last 5 years farmer's markets have sprung up in each of Seattle's neighborhoods. They only run for about 6 months though. They remind of the European street markets without the ambiance :-D

    1. Surprisingly, for many people, the answer is, yes! Many neighbourhoods have their own farmers' markets, some as small as three stalls. There is no market that opens daily: our local one operates three days a week, the well known Union Square, too. But within my satellite range I believe there are six farmers markets.

  2. Funny, yes, must get back on that bicycle. Farming fresh food has led to a lot of poor meals :-)
    Funny thing out east are all the farm stands with the biggest, floristy sunflowers in farmy buckets. Can't stand it!

  3. So, I stuffed zucchini flowers like a crazy woman this spring (that's when they grow here in Florida), and I often wondered how I might be able to cook them without stuffing. Suggestions?

  4. Who doesn't love a farmers' market?
    Real nice! (the markets of course) ; )

  5. Did you notice those straps holding the BH column fascia together?


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