Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spot the odd one out

Our hike today ended on an odd note. You never see cars on Silvermine. It's part of a national park closed to traffic.

There we are, hiking back to our own cars at Silvermine east this morning, when this bakkie shoulders by. Quite politely. We all stood aside.

Five minutes before, when I had been lagging behind everyone on a footpath to take pictures,  I had seen a different white van climbing the jeep track towards the antennae installed on top of the mountain. I thought it must be a maintenance vehicle and did not become intrigued until we saw this incongruous and beaten up little car. My fellow hikers started muttering about recent copper wire thefts from the top of the mountain. As in...5km of copper wire.

The disappearance of copper wire is a big South African issue. Communications go down because the wires vanish.

Maybe it was legit.

But ain't nothing to renovate up there.

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