Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lamb burgers on Sunday night

You look up and it's 7.41pm and you realize the day has gone and you'd better do something about supper.

While I was out today, talking about edible plants in Prospect Park, the Frenchman went shopping. His favourite food, and I mean on the face of the earth, is The Hamburger (closely followed by Fondue and then, interestingly, by Broccoli).

Go figure.

So he had sourced the holy quinity: lamb (because ever since loving them at Prune we have loved lamb burgers, and my mom makes some mean, ones, too), English muffins, an onion for the must-have slow-caramelized onions that top the patty, Swiss cheese, with holes (he says it has to be Swiss, in this case, Gruyere), and...ketchup.

Ketchup. I have some ketchup stories but I'm not really ready to tell them.

The onions are caramelizing, outside it is raining lightly, and I should turn my attention to searing some lamb.



  1. Such a nicely lit photo - conjures up a cozy evening and sense of antici . . . . . . pation.

    (ketchup story. Rocky Horror picture Show. Heinz ad . . . )

  2. Sounds yummy! Just gorgeous photography.

  3. Broccoli! Oh, Vince! I'd bought some young stems to have with that quiche...then I remembered that many men dislike broccoli. So I steamed them and ate them, cold, with fetta.Sorry!

  4. A small precision: Hamburgers are only my favorite food on earth when made by Marie. I have tasted many a horrible thing labeled as burger and barely been able to digest most...


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