Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's still standing...

This was my first view of the terrace when Vincent parked the bright red Zipcar Prius on Henry Street, after picking me up at JFK early this morning. I looked up. Roses! And a leafing-out fig and Agastache and...chives?

I am about to head out there, slathered in sunscreen (somebody turned summer on high while I was away, Whooee!) to snip and cut back and tie up the lilies, the dissolute Iceberg. I can't help myself. It all looks pretty good. And the fall anemones have made tall flower spikes. Um...

I suppose they will bloom twice this year, again.

And the freezer contains about 2lbs of blueberries from the roof. Vince tells me there are more to pick, but it's too hot to venture up there, now. Later, perhaps, we'll have a drink on the silver top, and I'll see.

If I am awake.


  1. Welcome Home! America missed you!

  2. Welcome back! Your roof garden awaits :)

  3. I'm glad you are back. Your photo reminds me of the first time I came to your apartment: I forgot your house number but remembered to look up, which made it easy to find you.

  4. Glad you're home safe and sound with your guys!

  5. Welcome home Marie. I've missed your daily blasts of beauty, humor and wit.

    Are you in trouble with the gato?

    xo Jane

  6. Welcome home, Marie. I leave London in 24 hours. New York now seems so distant... ;-)

  7. It was a Honda Insight Hybrid, me dear tired traveler, but I'm impressed you even noticed. And then again, you did get the color right. ;-)

    1. Well, it looked just like a Prius.

      Yawn zzzzzzzzz

  8. We girls really only need to know the colour, what and who we can fit inside and how fast it goes : )
    Welcome home Marie x

  9. welcome home, Marie. Hopefully you brought some cooler weather with you. Enjoy those blueberries:)


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