Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Save the Philippi Farmlands, now (hours left)

There is a petition on Avaaz right now that requires urgent signatures. Briefly, agricultural land within Cape Town's still-impoverished Cape Flats, in an area called Philippi, is about to be rezoned. It will lose its agricultural status and be sold to developers.

There is no doubt that more housing is needed on the Cape Flats, where shanty towns still dominate the landscape, but there is other land available for redevelopment. Philippi is a haven for microfarmers and gardeners from the community who grow crops for sale in Cape Town, as well as to feed themselves and their communities.

I heard about this crisis via Abalimi bezekhaya, the inspiring and effective NGO - whose bona fides are solid, whose support of urban agriculture in Cape Town's poorest communities has been painstaking, and about which I have written extensively.

When Abalimi farmers have the skills and support to sell commercially, this is precisely the area where they would obtain one hectare plots for farming.

The decision will be made in Cape Town, tomorrow, July 31st. There are only a few hours left to sign this petition. Please do so, and - this is vital -  share the link with as many people as you can.

Sign: Cape Town's Bread Basket and Vital Aquifer Under Serious Threat


  1. Done, and emailed everyone I know.

    Lisa, London

  2. Oh, one more thing anyone logging onto Avaaz please sign the petition against the animal cruelty in Korea. Just horrifying.

  3. Done yesterday & forwarded to someone who forwarded to a lot if like-minded people.
    Nancy R


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