Friday, July 6, 2012

A wish, fulfilled

Yesterday, I wanted stuffed tomatoes. I was up just after 5am in a severe swing about of ordinary habits, and sat drinking hot coffee on the hot terrace before the sun was up and thought about them.

Later I walked to Borough Hall with my yellow shopping bags and bought six summer tomatoes, from Jersey. I also bought - pounced on - all the black currants that Wilklow Orchards had to offer. That's another story. I collected basmati rice and dill on the way home.

In the kitchen, in the late afternoon, waiting for visitors, I chopped onion and sauteed it with allspice, and began to slice the tops of the tomatoes. The buzzer rang then, so I stopped. Much later I returned to my chopping board and chopped up dill and mixed it with the waiting rice, and stuffed the tomatoes. On the hot-hot day I turned on the oven.

Forty minutes later they were ready. Exactly what I had wanted. Filling some hole that had developed while I was not looking.

The updated recipe for these delicious things is next door at 66 Square Feet (the Food).

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  1. Oh this looks absolutely delicious! You might not believe it, but you are fortunate with the heat you are experiencing... here in the Netherlands we can only hope/pray/send smoke signals for heat in any form. Where oh where has summer gone?


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