Monday, July 2, 2012


Surely these are early?

They feel so early. Yet the archives say no...These are the Dunyazades, following on the voluptuous and scented heels of the Silk Road lilies, now exiting to a smattering of polite applause. One's public is fickle. The Silk Road has had better years. Haven't we all? Actually...But I digress.

The storms missed us. We heard about the drama to the south, and hoped for a just a little of it up here, sans mortal danger, but the battalions of cumulus marched past just north of the city, swallowing up 787's (the biggest flying machines) on final approach and take off as though they were gnats.

We ate on the terrace last night. The AC turned off to spare us its roar. We talked about Namibia and Nieu Bethesda and Coney Island and US State Parks and fretted about Time. I have not seen enough of this country, and it is my wish to drive it, really drive it. It is very beautiful. I hear.

Anyone have a spare Airstream? And 12 extra weeks?


  1. We watched the fireworks, off the southern coast of jersey, from the beach farm.

    The earliness will make for a more or less flower less July.

    Every year we make the trek to Minnesota. 2/3 of the way to Yellowstone. Still haven't been to that sleeping volcano. May an RV and Walmart distinguish your future. ;-)

  2. must see this is beautiful...The west is beyond my words...Especially the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park.....yikes I could go on and on...


  3. Don Estorbo and his Merry Band road trip. Sounds like a terrific idea.

  4. Oh Marie, you will just love New Orleans. No where else in America has so much delightful food, and such appreciative, knowledgable eaters. I don't think that's grammatical, but you get the drift.

  5. And, think of the gardens you could visit. Maybe in the the spring... or as part of your book tour. You are planning a book tour ... right?

  6. And a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway from the start up in Virginia in the Shenandoah National Park down to the Cherokee reservation here in North Carolina.

    The best time would be in the fall when the leaves are turning. And driving 45 mph for the whole 469 miles would give you plenty of time to appreciate the beauty of our mountains.

  7. Come down south and risk that good 'ole Southern Hospitality! Free place to stay in the Little Rock area... I think the book tour is inevitable.

  8. May I book a seat for that trip? We had some impressive, show-off storms last week(the rain wasn't jut falling, it was being thrown), resulting in a large hole in my utility room roof. The back yard was soon under 4 inches of water but as the downpour was warm , I donned shorts and t shirt and happily swept the flood to the drains... Did wonders for my hair :)


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