Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wild summer salad

There has been a little time for a little wild food collecting: common milkweed pods, yucca flowers, sea rocket and lettuce from the roof in our salad yesterday evening. There may have been a lamb burger, too.

The fresh yucca flowers are very crisp, with good structure for eating raw, unlike soft flowers, like nasturtiums. The texture is a little like iceberg lettuce, and they are mildly scented. The sea rocket has a very pungent mustard bite. The milkweed pods were soft and spicy - I'd pan-cooked them first with ground sumac and cumin. A strong dressing with some field garlic from Frank's farm...

Sea rocket - Cakile edentula

And I pickled some yucca flower buds in lemon juice. I think we'll eat them soon. Stay tuned.

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