Friday, July 27, 2012

Live like there's no tomorrow

First there was one. Working in feverish circles amongst the yellow anthers.

Then there were two.

Then perhaps the pollen ran out in the top flower.

These are the fall anemones. 

In July.

Perhaps there is no tomorrow.

So do something nice today. 

Kiss a bee. Or something.


  1. the bees look like they have those air-filled arm floaties kids wear in the water.

    will anemones keep blooming if old blossoms are cut back? mine are budding up, which is, par for this season, quite early.

  2. Haha, just you wait until December 23 this year, perhaps the Incas were right all along.
    Will skip kissing the bees though - no point in 'no tomorrow' being self-induced!

  3. My anemones are also in bud. What will be left to bloom for fall I wonder. Did last night's lightning affect the roof farm or terrace? The local news said someone was killed by lightning striking a Cobble Hill church yesterday evening. --Klaus

  4. That final shot is breathtaking - it's like they've fallen asleep in the flower. Does know? Hee!

  5. The first purple Spring anemone has just unfurled herself on our patio. Snap: early flowering mirror-image :)

  6. Learn like you will live forever.


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