Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pigweed pie, anyone?

I see that my story about two pigweeds is up on the Edible Manhattan website. It's in the summer edition of the magazine, now available on the long thin island of Manhattan. Or by subscription.

I have yet to post my pigweed tart recipe - it's more like a pizza, really, based on a chard tart by Roger Verge, and is wonderful. There is nothing but flour and  olive oil and water in the pastry (above). A lot of olive oil. And instead of being solid, it is crisp and flaky. Very surprising, and very easy. For the topping I used the pigweed also known as goosefoot or lamb's quarters - Chenopodium album. I am watching some volunteer plants on the roof farm, almost ready to pick. For this tart I gathered a huge bagful in Prospect Park.


  1. I'll come back for the recipe.I'm re-working many of my old stand-by things as the butter content is becoming(sadly!) more and more evident!

    By the way, Peter thinks the new pic of your Main Man is an enigma -Vince or Storbie? ;-)

  2. dinahmow - I was crafty. I changed Man to Men! Take your pick :-)

  3. Amarante as we call it in French. I didn't know the leaves were edible. I only knew its beautiful red flowers (which apparently are edible too).
    By the way, I made the recipe with stuffed tomatoes and it was delicious. We both loved them 🍅

  4. Selina was thrilled to bits.....I still have a packet of Amaranth mixed, that I bought at the BBG.
    And think I must get plants of the decorative one. Love your new portrait !

  5. Nice that Prospect Park was able to give a little something back after all your work last year.


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