Monday, July 23, 2012

Jacques Torres

Passion fruit and vanilla soft serve for me. Marzipan and pistachio ice cream for him.

We forget about the ice cream at Jacques Torres in Dumbo. But then we remember again. About once a year, which is good.

In the middle of a long walking loop from home to assess the ripeness of  the beach plums growing beside the East River, we broke for ice cream, one block back from the water.

We had been hoping for last year's strawberry-balsamic-basil confection. Disappointed at first not to find it, I cheered up at the prospect of passion fruit sorbet in soft serve form, coiled into real vanilla ice cream.

I licked without reservation. Things got a bit desperate as the sun shone and my licking failed to keep pace with the dripping but I managed to do some serious damage before the Frenchman was compelled to control the situation and wolf my cone in two bites.



  1. yum! And congrats on the NY Times article, really lovely.

  2. Thank goodness the french canadian was there to save the drips.

    I was surprised to open our local paper (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and find the NY Times article. It was printed complete with photo of yourselves basking in the wilds of soixante-six. Congratulations.

  3. Thank you Dervla!

    MLou - He's useful :-) Huh, I had no idea. Chronicle Herald? Slightly different version, too (and no links, boo!).

  4. Marzipan ice cream?! !!
    I stumbled across your 66 feet via the New York Times feed in my Yahoo home page thingie. I also have a tiny garden, but what with the drought and surface-of-the-sun heat we've had here in St. Louis, I am lucky to have anything green.
    I am enjoying your writing, too. Very different from the other garden/crafty blogs I read!

  5. too bad there isnt a ready supply of granadilla juice


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