Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roof picnic

We've been having quite a lot of these (minus the French bubbly!).

I pack the picnic onto a tray and take everything to the stone table on the terrace. I climb the ladder to the roof and walk to the edge. Vince hands it all up.

4th of July Menu:

Slaw of red cabbage, carrots and new peas.
Underdressed Waldorf salad of chicken, apple and celery hearts.
Frittata of eggs, potato, dill and parmesan
Pop Chips (moment of weakness)
Duck rillettes, quince pickles, pickled field garlic
Brown bread
Champagne (Duc de Romet)


  1. Great spread, meal looks mouth watering.

  2. Duck rillettes...I wonder where you find them ?! Again, I spotted the lovely botanical plate 😍

  3. I have those same tin plates. I bought them at a thrift store with the Restoration Hardware tags still attached. Lovely spread there.

  4. Laurence - these rillettes came from Stinky Brooklyn. But I have a freezerful of confit waiting for attention...

    Mary - really? Hm, I need more. These came from the Metropolitan Museum gift shop when it was still in SoHo.


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