Thursday, July 26, 2012

Insalata Caprese

This was my solitary lunch yesterday.

I had spent some hours cleaning up the roof farm - pulling out non-performers, and those who have outdone themselves (two of the striped zucchini) and sowing some herb and leaf seeds, as well as a wild card. Melons. Heck, who knows? I didn't start watermelons this year, and have no idea what will happen with seeds sown in late July. I have hope.

The tomato is one of two big Striped Germans I picked. I am fond of them. They are the second of the large tomatoes to have ripened up top, after the first Black Krim, and they taste very good. Their flesh is a mix of dark green and red. This one was still warm - very warm - from the baking roof.

It was a gorgeous day; hot, yes, but dry. The sky was blue. The harbor was green. A wind off the water. Stunning. I collected the bits of basil from the terrace, layered the leftover pieces of buffalo mozzarella, gave it all some nips of salt and crackings of pepper, and at last some green olive oil.



  1. That will be a major part of Friday night's dinner. I have to go for a meeting near the best source of fresh mozzarella and the tomatoes are excellent right now.

    Hope it cools down a bit soon.

  2. That looks so good! I've got the tomatoes but no mozzarella, and it's 5 miles to the grocery store. I'll just have to dream.

  3. My summer fave salad is really good tomatoes (of course!!) with fresh mint leaves and sliced Haloomi cheese that has been toasted in a skillet. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. Yum.

  4. Good lookin' lunch - and its hot here too at last!! :)
    Happy Olympics everyone!

  5. I've been spending the day putting a warp on the loom.I put disc #1 of Donna Leon's Dressed For Death and what was Commissario Brunetti's wife,Paula, making for dinner? Insalata Caprese. I think I'm getting the message. Dinner ideas are always appreciated!! I found your blog last week and thoroughly enjoy it.


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