Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cornelian cherries

These are ripe now, and they must be picked. They are not cherries, of course, but dogwoods: Cornus mas.  Natives of the region around the Black Sea. Tough as nails, and one of the earliest bloomers of the year, belonging to yellow March - a cloud of small flowers. That reminds me - perhaps I should check the trees on the western edge of Battery Park.This tree is one of three outside an apartment building a couple of blocks from home and one is especially heavy with fruit. It is beginning to drop on the sidewalk. The deep red, almost mahogany-dark fruit are the ripe ones, tasting of sour, soft plums. The crimson fruit are crisp and more sour, and probably higher in pectin, so fine for jelly.

This is fall fruit. Well, it was a fall fruit. I think we need a new season. On the terrace the fall anemones and fennel are in bloom. Things fall apart.

And I think it is time I bought a food mill. Seeds, pips, pits. Life is becoming too short to strain.
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