Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am fretting. On the terrace early July looks more like late July. Or August. And the fall - FALL - anemones have buds on tall stems. The Abyssinian gladiolus show signs of blooming. The Iceberg rose, parched above the roaring air conditioner, looks as though it has been inducted into the marines by way of a severe buzz cut. Good grief. Global warming is happening right overhead.

And so I am awake well ahead of schedule after a tossed and turned night. I gave up and had coffee and jam and bread on the terrace ahead of the sunrise. It is already warm. I should go and help the farmers unpack their produce at Borough Hall. I have been craving tomatoes and perhaps the early ones have shown up, from Jersey. I want to eat them baked, stuffed with basmati rice and mint.

Maybe I'll make a cake, too. I know. Too hot. But cake is cake. Raspberry cake.

There's a thought.


  1. I've had new england and ny asters blooming since mid June. Now alma potschke is getting in on the act. Phooey.

    Long range weather forecast is for hot and dry through August. Conditions in the Midwest not seen since the 30s(not a good time). Farms will lose much. I suppose we have our air conditioners. And I've eaten too much fruit if that's possible.

  2. I was startled to see maturing buds getting ready to open on my fall anemones yesterday. The kirengeshoma isn't far behind. It used to bloom in September. Last year it bloomed in August. July this year? Glad it's not just me.

  3. Frank - double phooey. I haven't eaten enough fruit yet, though.

    Brian - Yes, I saw some kirengeshoma buds on the street the other day and went...huh? And what happens then...once fall has bloomed in summer? Just a long brown patch?

  4. The Buddleia's have started to flower in London!! These usually signify the end of summer for us. Complete freak out when I saw this. Should be the end of August and we have not had any hot weather just plenty rain.


  5. It's the same here. Alma Potsche bloomed in early June Don't want to check the anemonies... too discouraging. At first it was kinda fun that things were blooming early, but now it's making me sad that the season is so ... well, out of season. It's the long term effects that seriously concern me. How far north will zone 10 reach in ten more years?

    On the other hand, i love early morning on the deck. It's like being all alone in the world.

  6. It's HOT HOT HOT here in Minnesota. Too hot to be outside. Everything is burning up. The grass is turning brown. Average daytime temps are low 80's. We're having high 90's to 100.

  7. Still raining here in Leicestershire. Warm, heavy, steady rain. More than puddles under my leaky roof... :( The poor roses don't stand a chance but the joy from the slugs and snails is almost audible

  8. we are heading for our 9th straight day of temps over 100 here in st louis. it is supposed to be 108 today.
    my fall asters are blooming and i see my neighbors anemones are in bloom! i also worry about this fall.

  9. Hm. Disturbing flower and weather news from all over.


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