Sunday, July 22, 2012

Really pink gin

This is not pink lemonade.

I can't say that I am happy with the colour, which makes it look like the ultimate in girly drinks. The gin has been turning gradually more cerise in an imposing decanter on the drinks tray, filled with red currants, poured after three weeks of maceration. Or would that be infusion? And tell me the difference. No, wait. The difference is presumably that with maceration one eats the fruit and with infusion one tosses it after it has surrendered its flavour. Kind of like some marriages.

Anyway. Diluted, it turns rosebud pink minus one. It tastes a lot less delicate than it looks, and pretty good, too, despite the "pretty". Topped with lots of cold bitter lemon (blame Gabriella Hamilton who had it on Prune's drinks menu. There,  it was plain gin and bitter lemon, served on ice in a glass whose heft was excused by its preternatural thinnness. A pleasure to hold, and tempting to bite).

Add some lime slices and ice.
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