Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ending and beginning

The Frenchman returns late tonight.

Which means I'd better make the bed. I mean, it's always made before I get into it, but I keep very odd hours on my own. I've had three solid days of writing and may have turned into an apartment troll. This afternoon was rather distracted, with two black swallowtail butterflies (Papilio polyxenes) visiting the terrace on cue. And then there was intricate, dangerous-looking work being done on the steeple of the damaged church by two men whose hard hats made them look like ants - they seem to be removing the other spires entirely, stone by stone. So I was popping up and down a lot.

But I have my year's worth of chapters done, at last: New York, the Terrace and Food, and now revisions begin, starting at the beginning, with January. The first draft was written out of order, in batches of seasons. Writing about October today, the light outside was strangely cooperative. Sometimes, after writing about winter, say, I emerge from my laptop to be flummoxed by a terrace in full bloom.

Better vacuum, too. Bake something. Maybe banana and macadamia nut bread. Pick some flowers. Floss the cat.

Mix a bloody drink. Now. Perhaps with this:

The black currants have lost their black to the gin. Which is divine. No other word for it.


  1. I never have to email you and ask how the book is going because I can just come here and read the updates. Useful! :)

  2. Hi Dervla - should I say less ?:/

    I like your new lemons on the title page...

  3. Some sweet agastache, a butterfly and a drink to celebrate. Congrats. Good luck with the editing.

  4. thanks Marie! Just added them tonight. It's great to hear you discuss the book! Everyone is so excited about it :)

  5. The butterfly is gorgeous - what a picture

  6. love the book updates and getting very excited, can only imagine how you must feel- between all the hard work of course! x

  7. Marie, will I be able to get copies over here? Do hope so - the perfect gift for so many of my friends! :)

  8. Yes. Definitely updates. It's so exciting glad you made such progress this week...

  9. You definitely deserve drinks before,during and after flossing the cat.
    Going to make pesto this afternoon. Which confuses friends...you see-my cat's name is Pesto. So have to always say Pesto-not the cat sauce.


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