Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enter the lily...

Silk Road opened yesterday.

And so I popped a bottle of prosecco - our first in...oh, at least a month. In went a splash of St Germaine (perfect time of year to drink elderflowers) as well as two cubes of ice with hyssop flowers frozen into them. Hey, it was a private lily party. I sipped, inbetween feeding and weeding the roof farm.

I wonder what the neighbors think.

[Eeeeek! Look how I spelled neighbors, without even thinking! I have stuck so far on this blog to my schooling, spelling a la colonial England. And there it went, out slipped neighbors, and not neighbours... next will be favorite. It's the book - I write proper American in the book, of course (of corse?), otherwise I'd have to go back through (throgh?) the whole thing and fix it. A line has been crossed. How do I carry on?]


  1. Your existential crises are endearing. ;)

  2. Jill - thanks for not saying, "excrutiatingly shallow" :-)

    dinahmow, on the blog? Jajajajajajajaja!

  3. As long as you keep your accent we can imagine the "u's" in the written, altho (Dinahmow!) I do miss them! I think this is delightful. You have dwelt among us too long!

  4. PS: Silk Road is to die for!

  5. Where did u go?!
    ps: was the www. thing after all - with some additional 'my computer' issues :)


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