Monday, June 18, 2012


...berthed in Red Hook yesterday, and stumbled upon, as we walked south.

No one was there. Most of the crew and all the passengers were aboard. A young brother and sister bidding each other farewell. He, fond (That's my sister! he said, as he asked us to take pictures of them), she, distracted and late and on her way to crew. He, excited (very) for her.

Lots of Queen Anne's Lace between the parking lot tarmac and the briny green water of New York Harbor.

We walked five minutes more to Valentino Pier, after learning that she would sail at 5pm. There we awaited for 40 minutes before giving up and heading south to Fairway, for some supper things. I left Vince at the park on the water while I shopped, in case she passed. When I returned with bags full of miso and tofu and lamb sausage and  Spanish cheese, there she was, big as city blocks, sailing past - late! - in the bright 6 o' clock sunlight. God Save the Queen reached us across the glittering water, soon followed by, Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today, I'm going to be a part of it: New York, New Yoooooooork...


  1. You have such a wonderful way of painting pictures with your words. Thank you also for the pictures!

  2. If I'd still been at Battery Park,I would have seen it/her ? A majestic sight. I like the picture of you, sitting on Clifton beach, sipping wedding champagne.

  3. Love this. Nice way to start the week with your beautiful pictures and words. Thank you!

  4. Ah this is such a cool post.

    I defy anyone to find a better backdrop for a Queen Anne lace photograph.

    The perfect composition, and there she is, sailing out of harbour, statue of Liberty in the background.


  5. Lovely shots of the QM. Such majesty. Didn't think I'd take to "cruising" but we did a lovely tour of Istanbul, the Turkish coast and the Greek islands last autumn on a very small liner. Nice, easy way to do a complicated itinerary with lots of history - and professors on board to read Homer and discuss archaeology.

  6. What a fun thing to do - especially since it was unplanned. The photos are great ... no surprise there.

  7. Hi Hen :-)

    You would have seen her from Battery Park all right, albeit not so close. But then again, you know her so well already...

  8. In Juneau 4, 5, 6 enormous ships dock everyday from may to September, towering over the city. Ahem, "city". When they leave, our town out buildings don't look so small anymore. And you can see across the channel again.


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