Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wandering Red Hook

If you haven't a horse to ride the plains, you have to settle for a stroll through Red Hook, starting at the docks of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Coreopsis poking through the fence at the Gowanus Nursery (which is now very far from Gowanus). The nursery had some small, beautifully-shaped peach trees in stock. I was tempted. I walked away.

Red Hook is always good for random wires against blue sky.

A South African herb in an American oil drum - Helichrysum, known as curry bush (no relation to curry leaf). The scent of childhood summers and alleged provider of good dreams if you stuff it in your pillow...

Friends out for a paddle.

Sidewalk hollyhocks on Van Brunt Street.

And the garden at Pier 44, above the pebbly beach at the end of Connover Street. You know the tell tale combo by now, yes? Yucca plus spirea plus catnip plus purple berberis balls equals..? Anyone?


Yes! Lynden Miller. Very good! Have a cookie (it has nuts in it).


  1. What is it about hollyhocks? They make me so happy. None came up this year. Must plan ahead now to fix that.


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