Friday, June 29, 2012

Kitchen chaos

Kitchen chaos. I snapped this picture yesterday while putting together last night's picnic.

The sumac, up front, was for the lamb meatballs. The onion went into the smoked trout pâté. The blue nail polish was bought on a whim, applied to toes, and promptly removed (anyone need blue nail polish? It's a very good blue but it makes me look like a dead person). The Lindt chocolate was because I thought I might make a little chocolate mousse to take to the picnic. I made a chocolate roulade instead, using cocoa powder. The scissors...oh, for cutting parchment paper for the roulade. Into the empty mason jar went some green olives with a marinade of lemon zest and garlic and thyme. I ate the cherries. The Noilly Prat is a permanent fixture for Vince's martinis. That's the weekend coffee pot lurking in the back. I use a smaller one just for me in the week. Kitchen paper. I can't live without kitchen paper.

The End.

Oh! Nasturtium leaves. For our crustless picnic sandwiches, with butter and the first cucumber from the roof.

The End. Again.


  1. Good choice on the chocolate. I worked for Lindt for 10 years...miss the free chocolate ;( Have you tried the Lindt Excellence Chili with red wine its fantastic. Happy Friday

  2. On FB this image made me thirsty. Or maybe I'm just thirsty and this image seemed refreshing. Now, there's just too much to do on a hot day.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Lisa - nice perks! I rarely eat chocolate*, but I have seen that chili one - might be just the thing for a mole. As in Mexican sauce, not small burrowing animal :-)

    * The exception was a chocolate made by Sprungli, only available in Switzerland, and now discontinued. Each hollow pear filled with Williams schnapps. Or apples with Calvados. Anyone traveling though Zurich was charged with bringing a box or two back with them.

    Frank - merci, you too. Farm looks good.

    1. We were just talking about how the bf looks like sh*t. But thanks for the kind words. We're experimenting a lot this year and between seasons. It makes me thirsty.

  4. You made me laugh with the blue nail polish. I've been debating for weeks now about wether I would buy one or not. For the pretty conservative French woman that I am it's a pretty wild I think I won't 💅


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