Saturday, June 30, 2012

That was June

July is upon us. Goodbye, black raspberries and white currants.

Hello basil.

Hello heliotrope...It does not like to dry out. In Cape Town it is a shrub outside my window. On the terrace they are petite.

There are a few more days left for Silk Road.

The breba figs have been eaten.

Prosecco has been sipped. 

It is getting too hot to eat outside.

But jalapenos put a little zip in our burgers.

The first cocozelle.

Calabacita! These, too, do not appreciate being underwatered.

And drinks to usher a storm in. Frozen lemon and gin. 

July? Be gentle. Please.

I know.

Fat chance.


  1. I love heliotrope and used to grow it when I had flower beds.

    We are already having August temperatures here. It is going to be a long hot summer...

  2. July is certainly starting off to be a scorcher and I fear will stay that way. It's been such a strange year for weather. So far, the garden has loved it, but am doubtful that Mom Nature will continue to provide enough water. Don't envy your having to lug it to the farm.

    Thanks for reminding us of the good old days of June. Look for a log next week.

  3. Predictions? Dust bowls for some. Floods for others. For us? The city. The ocean. The mountains. The farm.

    I've been dreaming of hamburgers on the grill. I bought ground sirloin. And more lamb ribs. And blue fish.

    Oh how the time passes.

  4. Figs and good fruit. I think life is very good for you.
    Enjoy the fruits of July


  5. I used to think that August was the scariest month to be a gardener...the heat, the intense sun, the lack of rain. After the last couple years I fear July more. A gentle one, please.


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