Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deb and Jim's

I could leave it at that. That's perfect, isn't it?  It's always perfect. Nothing is missing, everything is thought of.  At its most simple, it is just beautiful. 

Late last week, we visited Deb and Jim. We'd not seen this apartment yet, in their new neighbourhood, in Queens. We surfaced under a racketing elevated train, turned a corner, waited on the sidewalk, and then climbed some carpeted stairs, to the top floor. And suddenly we were in another world. 

We took our drinks and snacks up to the roof, where a storm had just passed. 

I got a bit wet.

So wet that I nipped into the bathroom and emerged, having washed my white pants, in someone's fluffy white bathrobe. Nobody held it against me.

Deb has an eye. Even her mess looks good.

Inside the pot some smoked pork stock was keeping hot.

The men paid court to another woman.

After our bowls of broth we tucked into a side of smoked salmon, purchased in Hell's Kitchen but smoked  by Jim in the hydrangea-filled garden down below. And new peas, just shelled. 

We laughed a lot. Jim is a very, very funny man. 

And we found some space for Juneberry pie, which had traveled with us on the G train from Brooklyn.



  1. We in the suburbs certainly do miss out on a whole way of life on the rooftops. Makes me want rent a walk-up for a week and just experience it!

    Love my deck, but envy your roof!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening!

  3. Sweet Icky, calico love bomb! Did Jim discuss Gerald with you?

    Reads like a perfect evening, good food and great company.

  4. Looks heavenly- love the retro eggs! x

  5. well shucks Marie--thanks for the nice compliments and for making everything looks extra nice with your extra nice photos!--we never laugh so hard unless you two are there egging us know.
    Next time picnic on the LIC waterfront?


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