Friday, June 1, 2012

Early summer evening

The new Abraham Darby rose, bare root and apparently lifeless when it arrived from Texas in a box at the end of March this year, has opened its buds.

I spent the evening rearranging pots on the terrace edge, rescuing tiny volunteer impatiens from the gravel of the terrace floor, providing affordable housing for them in small pots on the braai (when it is not in use, naturally), and planting the new Mexican agastache. St Germaine and sparkling water accompanied me. 

Then I packed a picnic tray to be hoisted to the roof. (Yes! those are our strawberries...)

Up there,  the man, the cat and I spent a happy couple of hours.

Happy weekend, happy June.


  1. Awww. My favorite thing is outside in summer. Enjoy. I hope the bugs stayed away :-)

  2. Happily, we are bug free! Estorbo did find that one scampering on Raccoon House's rooftops but it is now a former bug.


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