Friday, June 15, 2012

Street flowers

A walking tour, from the past few weeks. Above, the tenacious roses at the corner of Congress Street, in the Deserted and Neglected Garden.

Borough Hall.

The garden I love, near the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. An active gardener is in residence - very unusual for these parts.

Oenothera on the Promenade itself. The plantings along it are looking better and better.

And the sidewalk garden near the Gowanus Canal, with all that beautiful Lysimachia punctata.

The roses - on my terrace and on the street - are now mostly over the first flush. For many of them, that will be it until next year.

Catnip under the Manhattan Bridge.

Battery Park will keep on trucking, though, with its waves of perennials to come. I should meet the Frenchie there for lunch, soon; it's a few minutes from where he works, downtown, and word is there is an excellent banh mi truck near his building.


  1. Great shots; I love the sidewalk garden by the Gowanus Canal. I read a story about this garden with pictures several years ago and it turned out to be your blog. A very lucky find for me!

  2. Those yellow things ? Lysimachia punctata ? Wow SEEDS SEEDS PLEASE
    PLEASE. The flowers and pictures are gorgeous.

  3. Thnaks, halfpint :-)

    Hen, they are beautiful. I shall seek. But bear in mind that they are potentially invasive...

  4. One of the things I truly loved during my little taste of your fair city was the tiny little gardens every where I looked. Despite your blog, I didn't expect so many of them. This is a wonderful walk about your world - thanks!


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