Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cool against the Sizzle

These cool, late afternoon pictures belie the heat situation. Today is our first superhot summer day since, oh...when did we have that bizarre heatwave? March? 

Right now the gravel on the terrace is baking, too hot for bare feet, that geranium (Rozanne) is drooping, and the jewelweed Impatiens capensis, lifted as one seedling from Inwood Hill Park two springs ago, now selfseeding and voluntary), below, has flopped its leaves, asking if I did not get the memo about it being a dappled forest shade plant? 

It is currently 31'C/88'F and will reach about 36'/96'F.  More of the same tomorrow.

Yes. The holes. Guess who came to dinner?

Well, guess who came for lumber, really, not dinner: The leafcutter bees use the leafbits for nests. Usually it is the roses they cut, but not this time. I wonder why.

The new air conditioner is cranked and is A-OK, the cat is unzipping his fur, and by a day's end I must come up with ideas for a cold supper.

Perhaps a wobbly tuna mousse.

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