Monday, June 18, 2012

Avocado and mango aspic (with shrimp)

Want to know what goes on inside my head? This weekend, it was this. We licked our plates.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your avocados.


  1. ocado tree in Hawaii gives us a good crop each year - and the mangoes from my daughter's garden will allow us to eat this frequently! THANK YOU for such a colourful delicious recipe.

  2. oops ...missed a few letters
    Mean to say OUR Avocado tree....

  3. Looks divine and so refreshing for summer dining

  4. I love aspics. So fresh and cool for hot weather. I had a favourite restaurant where they made the most divine fresh fruit dessert gelées: Little wobbly Sphinx-style pyramids with names like blueberry-zinfandel.

  5. My pleasure, Jill! Hm, now if only I had a mango tree...

    helen - thank you...

    Janet - that's where the idea came from: a summer fruit terrine I made, once upon a time. Zinfandel, though - that's good idea! Cherries, raspberries...zinfandel? Thank you.


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