Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Frenchie...

Happy Fourth Anniversary of our meeting.

You were worth waiting for, you were worth all the mistakes, you were worth every panic attack, you were worth every minute - and there were many - without you. You were worth dreaming about. And you came true.

Love, always.


On August 12th, 2007, I wrote to Vince trying to tempt him towards me from Vancouver, BC (it had been five days since we started to email each other):

I could lay a trail of very small saucisson sec from Vancouver to the East Coast. Light a fire in the desert  in the Karoo in three weeks that you can see from Canada, sparks flying into the sky. Base jump with my Peugeot from the Brooklyn Bridge and get wet because it's not high enough but at least make the front page?

And he replied:

Whether it leads to one last email and nothing more, ever, or a few polite follow-ups, or to an avalanche of biased and shameless comments on our respective blogs, or even a meeting in Utah, a fondue in the Alps or a night by a fire in the desert, or somewhere or something I haven't even thought of, thank you. Thank you for the spark, thank you for the echo to my words. Thank you for this moment. Thank you for the black paw on your foot. Thank you for being honest. For being the kind of person I'm irresistibly attracted to. For talking about cooking all the time, when I totally lack the cooking chromosome. For owning a Peugeot and a Le Creuset pot. For having a cage that I could rattle (I'd rather open it). For being able to grow into my mind from a complete stranger into a strangely familiar face with the only use of words and ideas (ok, and a few pictures).

You own my heart, Frenchie.


  1. Ah, bless you. Such a wonderful, romantic story. Please tell us more.

  2. I feel like I have been reading your letters - a voyeur! Lovely.

  3. I love a fairy tale come true.

    And I know you both fought dragons and walked across fire to find one another.

    Carry on my lovelies.

    xo Jane

  4. And you, mine.

    PS, I do feel a little bit like a voyeur in my own scene, but hey, we are 21st century creatures.

    In some 50 billion years, the very blogging news of our meeting will reach the edge of our universe, sent out like ambassadors and carried in bits of energy, towards whatever exists beyond our event horizon. Then they will know about us, too. :-)


  5. Lovely ... beautiful ... feelings. And wouldn't it be wonderful if, in 50 billion years, your history actually reaches the edge of our universe, and becomes what "they" know ... and possibly attribute to the whole of our species.

    Happy anniversary of your meeting ...


  6. Some people are meant to find each other.

  7. Happy Anniversary both, thank heaven for love :)

  8. Oh my :) I know I'm a complete stranger, but I realize I've very serendipitously wandered into quite a love story.

    You look like you make a fantastic couple. Best of luck to you!

  9. What a perfect romance,write a book about it :)

  10. Fantastic, best of everything to you two fine people. Cheers, Rob

  11. Well, this was worth opening 66 Square Feet for. (sorry preposition ending but how else...?? never mind) I am stealing away this afternoon with my own best friend (34.3 years)and meeting his son, who also became my son (and the much-loved big brother to his 3 younger sibs) in London, then a family weekend in Istanbul. Love is good (and I will close before getting all Kahlil Gibran....)


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