Thursday, September 15, 2011

26th International Coastal Cleanup Day

Killifish. Photo: Shervin Hess et al

Are you free on Saturday? Feel like a jaunt to the Rockaways? In honour of International Coastal Cleanup Day, the Rocky Point Marsh Makers are having a grand clean up day in the little, beleaguered and beautiful salt marsh on Breezy Point. The marsh is on the Jamaica Bay side of the barrier island.

Here are directions. Subway out to the end of line on the 2 or 5 (Flatbush Avenue), take Q35 bus, hop off on the other side of the bridge, walk. This the way we go to Dead Horse Bay, too.

Images: Rocky Point Marsh Makers


  1. I'd love to help with that, but alas won't be in the area. Kudos to all of you for giving up your Saturday to help.

  2. Sounds fun, hope you had a good time. We were at the techihippie thing in Queens. Expect pictures of your day:)

  3. Eek, I should have said that I was not there...


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