Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dinner in a tiny space

The beginnings of abbacchio alla Romana. Lamb, anchovies, garlic, vinegar, rosemary and sage. It went on to cook for another four hours (covered).

Tomato stock before it became consomme.

(The gin was in me, not in the soup.)

The rabbit terrine, the day before. Chopped by hand. See, there's the gin. The terrine had bayberry-infused gin in it, though...

Terrine with dried cherry compote and parsley and onion salad.

Pickled field garlic.

The astrantia and roses are from Seaport Flowers, the basil from the terrace. This astrantia smells really funny.

No pictures of panna cotta with beach plum jelly. Next time.


  1. BIG dinner in a tiny space.

    Looks delicious.

    This fruit/yogurt/cereal combo isn't cutting it.

    xo Jane

  2. I am so amazed at how New Yorkers create a home in such a small space. Lovely table:-)

  3. Beautiful and elegant. And I love the jam-packed bookshelves.

  4. Lucky guests! I like the glasses and egg cups as candle holders. But how do you clean out the melted wax later?

  5. It was so delicious! Please please please post the recipes for the consomme, the terrine, and the lamb (falling apart tender) on (the food).

  6. Thank you! The best part next day...leftovers...

    Ellen, recipes coming up. Thank you for coming after your trying New York day (their car was towed just before they arrived).

    Ann - when the wax is cold, I pry the main part out with a butter knife, then run the cups or glasses under very hot water, which dissolves the rest.

  7. After all the lead-up photos, I just want to climb into the last one. Any chair will do. And I do dishes.


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