Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hunt Gather Cook dinner at Public

Thursday night! High class foraging...

Hank Shaw (read all about him here, he says it better than I can), describes himself as the omnivore who has solved his dilemma.

He's been on the road, thousands of miles from home,  promoting his new book, Hunt, Gather, Cook - Finding the Forgotten Feast, published by Rodale, and Thursday the 22nd sees a prix fixe dinner and book signing in his honour, at Michelin-starred Public on Elizabeth Street, featuring locally raised and gathered food.***

Very curious to see the locally sourced and foraged menu.

Hank says: "I expect to see squab (not wild, but as you know it has been illegal to sell real wild game for 110 years) - we wanted to play on the pigeons of New York - porgies or some other local wild fish from the NYC area (porgies are my favorite local fish), I can almost guarantee wild mushrooms, and I've given him a line on some wild berries and nuts for dessert. Beyond that it'll be up to [chef Brad Farmerie] to create the exact dishes."

Will there be sea rocket? Spicebush berries? Maybe some oyster mushrooms?

For reservations email Kim: Kimberly  at  public-nyc   dot   com
Or call 212 - 343-7011

Update 2.26pm: *** Public just canceled this dinner. 

Hank will be at Beretta Gallery on Madison Avenue,  Wednesday 21st ,  from 6-8 pm talking about wild food and signing books. Uh, yes...it is that Beretta. They do make and sell guns. Including handguns. My favourite.  Sigh.

What can I say? It's called Hunt, Gather, Cook.
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