Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First fall greens

I snipped my first collection of salad things from the roof. These were all planted on the 12th of September, 16 days ago (with the exception of  the spotted trout lettuce, a volunteer from spring, which set seed). Despite the presence of the pea shoots - snap peas, Cascadia, Pisum sativum, the fall crop is heavy on the Brassicas: in the bowl I have three mustards, hybrids of Brassica juncea: Spicy Green mustard - slightly furry - and Red Giant mustard (not very giant, now!), below:

...and Ruby Streak, wispy and smooth:

...all more or less redolent of wasabi; then Brassica oleracea - in this case Italian lacinato kale, Nero Toscana, which I used very sparingly, as I'd like it to get big - it is very vigorous:

Bordeaux spinach - Spinacia oleracea:

The earliest to emerge were the peas, three days after sowing (which are now about 5" high), then the mustards, then the kales. Not pictured or harvested are the broccoli rabe, which is still very small and shy, the parsnips, obviously, though they are all up, now, the wild arugula, which is surprisingly slow, the thin green threads of the bunching onions, and the dwarf kale.

The seeds were all from Botanical Interests, and no, this is not a paid advertisement...

And guess what this is:

Sea rocket, Cakile edentula, origin Fire Island. Well, unless something else snuck in there. But there are two up and two that look the same. I planted nine seeds.

I am curious to see how cooler weather affects all the roof crops (grand name for a tiny endeavour), though I imagine thatI will sow more mustard before cold weather arrives. We are having an uncommon September.
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