Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drinks on the roof

The roof farm is empty, but we had drinks up there early yesterday evening anyway, and watched the first of Lee's clouds rolling in from Jersey. Today's is a soft, persistent rain.

I have ordered seed from Botanical Interests in the hopes of late fall leaves. Kale, small and big, Italian and heirloom; wild arugula; red bunching onions, red-leafed mustard, ruby-streaked and frilly green mustard; spicy mesclun mix again - the spring and summer sowing did not work, so we shall see (last fall's were very good); snap peas, broccoli raab, purple-veined spinach and..parsnips!


  1. Lee is painting with a wide brush. We have gentle rain in North Georgia today, too -- much preferred to the constant tornado warnings yesterday. No personal damage at my place, but there are trees and utility wires down in adjacent towns.
    Good luck with your fall planting! I'm considering turnip greens, and, maybe, kale.

  2. I was wandering about pinterest and found your site some time ago.
    I have no green thumb at all with many proven tries with the result of dead plants and veggies....but i started collecting info and researching how to have a garden on my balcony.
    Today I sowed spinach, 3 kinds of onions, winter salad mix, broccoli and rhubarb and planted two chili plants and a violet brassica... tomorrow I'll go for some tiny peas and fava beans!!

    I hope to don't spoil everything with my black thumb but I'm quite happy just to have spent 2 hours preparing my first eight vases on my balcony garden :D

    Winter is coming!!

  3. oops I forgot to introduce myself!
    I'm Chiara from a little town near Milano, Italy. Nice to meet you! :)

  4. Diane - indeed, it's easy to forget that others have had a bad time of it. Turnip greens. Hm. Good idea.

    Ciao, Chiara, benvenuto :D - your plantings sound good, perhaps a little late for the chile, which needs long, hot summers. But your leaves, onions, brassica are a good choice. Was the rhubarb from seed?

  5. Thanks!!
    I have bought already grown up chilli plants, maybe i can move them inside when it's too cold?
    However, here we have some warming days until early november so i thought it could be still on time.. I hope!
    I'll take pics tomorrow with the sunlight. :)

    Rhubarb is from seed, it's almost impossible to find it there in any form, even at the grocery, i had to buy the seeds in london during a travel. I want to grow it my own for this reason, I thought also that i could move the mini rhubarb plants to a friend of mine's garden to have nice big plants for ahrvesting (for nice jam jars!! :D)

  6. That is just the most wonderful picture of you all having your evening cocktail! Love it.


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