Monday, September 12, 2011

September is pink

Anemone "Robustissima", Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana impatiens. You'd think that pink was my favourite colour. It's not, really

It was not planned this way. I would still prefer white hardy begonias, but pink was all Brent and Becky's had last year. I was disappointed by the small size of the bulbs they mailed but the plants produced from them reproduced so prolifically that my terrace is a mass of their offspring, this year. I can't tell how many I threw away, after pulling them up from the gravel, and after giving dozens away. So if you want to start a bulb business hardy begonias are the way to go.

I need more white, more blue. At the open gardens day in Nutley I was happy and surprised to meet Maria (whom I know from this blog by the Dickensian handle of "Maria, Plainfield Resident"), who very kindly brought me a Plectranthus "Mona Lavender", as a gift. Funny - South African flowers via New Jersey They are a very good blue. Thank you, Maria! Y mucho gusto.


  1. When I stand in my yard I seem to be swimming in pink, well, pink and weeds.

    Sedum, phlox,volunteer petunias all in pink.

    I do have the white begonias tho' fighting it out with a crowd of volunteer painted ferns.

    My garden is a mess but I assure myself that's allowed in September.


    xo J.

  2. Love, love, love the pink. I find it hopeful.

  3. Marie,

    You are welcome. And it is actually "Thank you Marie!" for being so generous with us readers by sharing yourself here.

    As for garden colors...I would trade some of your pink for some of our "blue/purple" which comes on mass with Obedient, asters, celosias and cone flowers! All these are "extreme" volunteers that no one warned me about! To think that purple used to be my favorite color.

    Y mucho gusto tambien aca en Nueva Jersey! Saludos!

  4. Pink is good! And in my garden by choice (I would like to say design, but that would be an insult to designers!) Glad Nutley went well - hope lots of folks came.


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