Friday, September 16, 2011

Presidential flyover

The terrace is often directly beneath the path that the president's escort takes to its landing spot in downtown Manhattan, beside the water. He visits quite a lot. I heard the unmistakable clatter this morning, and then later saw two helicopters heading back downtown, presumably to fetch him. Another ten minutes, and three were flying back to JFK, where Airforce One presumably sits, cooling its hot black heels. Since they are not highly manoeuvrable attack choppers, I assume the number is so that anyone taking a pot shot has to make their best guess? 


  1. When we see the 3 overhead, I
    worry it would be just as easy to get 3 as it would 1.

    But then I'm a worrier.

    Totally look like flying caterpillars in your photos.

    xo J.

  2. Sorry, not the President, just support helicopters...and they are not attack helicopters but transport (assault) helicopters. CH-46E.


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