Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trader Joe's flowers - a change of heart

I have dissed Trader Joe's flowers soundly in the past - especially the poor, waterless spring daffodils, the ones that die when you get them home. But it is time to admit I have discovered three things that I really like at the store whose uber-packaging must fill landfills and whose fresh produce is not very happy. The shirts, awful signage and forced bonhomie do not help.

Three Things:

Their French mustard, to which the Frenchie himself is addicted - it is super-strong; their 'flatbread' (in the frozen aisle, blush), which is really thin-crust pizza with many mushrooms, and made, oddly, in France (more guilt, there, all those pizzas flying over the ocean), is delicious; and their organic whole chicken. Well, they say it is organic. So if you see me at Trader Joe's, that is what will be in my basket.

And now I have to say...these stocks (Mathiola incana) are gorgeous. As I stood grumbling to myself in the interminable checkout line, I smelled them.  I bought two bunches. Couldn't help it - they looked fresh and...there was water in their bucket! They remind me of childhood springs and my mother's garden. Once, on a nursery school outing to what we used to call an old age home, I carried two bunches of stocks from my mothers garden. We were all told to bring flowers for the "old people". Proudly I handed one bunch to a grey-haired lady wearing white. I work here! she hissed, shoving them back at me, angry at my mistake.

And the scent has not been bred from these. They fill the room with colour and perfume.
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