Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seeds, this Sunday

Today, I'll be planting my fall crops. I unpacked them from their pretty Botanical Interests box on Friday night, on the roof, and gloated.

I don't know whether any of them will work, but I am quite excited. The marginal choices will be the broccoli raab, the parsnips and the peas. Not sure how good they are in containers, but I aim to find out. But I have hopes for the mustards, the kales, the fancy spinach and the easy mescluns.

Last night we visited my friend Mimi for her 40th birthday. We took her a bottle of pink Champagne, a coil of frozen boerewors in brown paper with string, and a jar of dried summer savory.

We ate Chinatown pork buns, dipped summer rolls, and caught up with news from all the people whom we generally only see at Eric and Mimi's - a sort for reunion, as someone said. We always leave feeling as though we've had a spectacular and not unpleasant kick in the career pants. For instance, the unassuming Craig's firm Snøhetta designed the Memorial Museum Pavilion at the World Trade Center site, where they would be this morning for the opening, and are about to launch into the revamping of Times Square, from 40th to 50th streets. That sounds like a joke, I said to Craig. I know, he said. Then he explained that they want to make Times Square a place that New Yorkers would like, because no New Yorker ever goes to Times Square. This is true. And, he said, We have been studying the movement patterns of cattle. Basically, humans en masse move a lot like cattle. To that end, sidewalk curbs, steps up and down, will be removed. To see other projects by Snøhetta, visit that link to their website.

A distressing email this morning from my friend Lisa. Her husband, Jose Gaytan, is critically ill again after a promising six weeks of chemotherapy. She is by his bedside, holding his hand. Amongst your prayers and good wishes today, please remember them.

Not all beginnings are good. Seeds come in all forms. The best we can do is water, and wait. 


  1. A gift of boerewors is a gift of love indeed. Hope your friend improves, and that your gardens continue to grow.

  2. Oh, oh, broccoli raab! Really it's very good, not marginal at all, quick, productive and not very deep rooted so prob ok in containers. It's one of the things I used to have and didn't replant until the seed was too old, and now I deeply regret that I can't get it here.

  3. Beautiful warm colors in your photos. I am sending good thoughts to your friends who are dealing with a horrible disease.

    This is the first photo I have seen of someone holding Estorbo. He looks quite content in her arms. Did she bring him feesh?

  4. Sorry about your friend.

    Is that a packet of white carrots?

  5. Oh no, sorry to hear the news. I recognize his name - is he the photographer who photographs the Gowanus, or is that just a coincidence? My thoughts and prayers are with them.

    Best of luck with the autumn seeds. You're inspiring me to repurpose all the sad container plants on my stoop that we had to sacrifice to Hurricane Irene (or to a fly infestation - so weird). Perhaps I shall pick up more seeds this week! That reminds me... it's been forever since I did a post about my garden experiment this year! xoxo

  6. Thank You, Marie. Just catching up on your posts. <3


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