Thursday, September 22, 2011

To click or not to click

Dear Miss Post

We have been invited by kind friends to a garden party and silent auction, culminating in dinner, at Wave Hill this evening. The tickets are expensive and the company will be rarefied.

My question is, May I take my camera? Not for the people; the garden, you know...?

As ever,

Scaredy Cat


  1. It's still easier to apologize (abjectly, if necessary) than to ask permission. Is your evening purse large enough?

  2. They let the condom lady into such places?

    Bring it. The pace of the evening will let you judge if your either at risk of "stealing souls" or playfully capturing the mood.

  3. webb - Oy, evening purse. I must decide what to wear...:-)I've spent the last 2 weeks watching the entire Mad Men series and am Under the Influence.

    Chris -SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now the cat's out of the bag...

  4. Hope you took the camera. And what Mad Men inspired ensemble did you come up with?

  5. Ellen - I don't have curlers so did not get the hair...:-)


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