Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Monsieur M

There's something in the water up's what they don't let us drink down here. Maybe we can smuggle some over, or divert it into the Falls to flow south and infect us. Madness would spread. We'd light each other's cigarettes (um, if we smoked); we'd knock politely on the White House's front door, and say, Que?, no, seriously, Que??; we'd water handguns and plant courgettes in them; we'd use the semi-automatics for cooking and distributing popcorn; we'd take cabdrivers to lunch and drive them home; construction workers would spread capes over puddles for us;...

It's early. There was a 5.30am flood on my terrace. I need coffee. Click below:

The Urban Legend of the Landlords, the Landworms and the BlackCats

I never thought being called a worm would make me feel warm and fuzzy. And Estorbo is looking at me particularly contemplatively this morning. What does he knowwwww?


  1. Nice paws. Both of you. ;-)

    I particularly liked the popcorn dispensing semi-automatics. How poetic. But I'm afraid the construction workers are going to need a lot more than a cape for the NY puddles today...

    P.S. Sorry for the worm allusion, I was looking at it from a Dune perspective where they were the key to the Spice and hence basically controlled the universe... Feel better? ;-)

    Any way, thank you for laughing. Kindness is very underrated :-)

  2. I didn't feel bad about being a worm. I know my place. For a brief second I just felt sort of bald and damp and pale.

    Now I feel damp. But have hair. And tan. Public transport has ground to halt so it seems Le Peugeot and I are in for a very, very sticky ride. I've been the subway and back and need a new outfit already.

    Don't thank me, thank you for making me laugh so much.

    This is turning into a real love-fest. Thank you no thank you no thank you...:-))


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