Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sheer laziness

...in other words: Pizza. A BIG pizza. More fast food...(what was the last food I was talking about? Ah, oh yes, those crepes stuffed with a poached egg and bacon...)

Because the Frenchie will turn himself inside out in excitement out at the prospect of eating pizza (I know, something wrong with those French genes...you know his nickname from Club Med days is Vinny-Two-Slices? Say that with a Brooklyn accent!) I have been making it a bit more often than I might have otherwise. And perhaps I like pizza, too. OK. I do. A lot. But you know. Sigh. It's pizza.

So this pizza...I know. Sausages! But let's start on the left. The dough is Patricia Wells' all-purpose version from her Bistro Cookbook. After all these manymany years of cooking I still actually open this book and read it. It's a quick dough and makes a good cottage loaf, too. Yes, I'll post the recipe next door, soon. Tomatoes from a can, wooshed till smooth,  added to some thinly sliced garlic. Merguez sausages. Buffalo mozzarella. And few sprigs of oregano from the terrace. Those were the token greens. Ha. A glass of red wine, and I'm afraid that was dinner.

It wasn't exactly dainty.

Yes, I'll be visiting the tennis walls tomorrow, before the rain. I must see if the man and his dog are there. I must write about them.


  1. Thick or thin crust? I don't believe in a single right answer, but I'm currently part of the "it should be like paper, but crisp" school. Reinhart's recipe for the crust is working very well (for me) right now.

  2. Jay and I have just bought a portable "one pizza" Earthfire ceramic pizza oven for the Breede River, which has eventually been rebuilt after the flood of Nov 2008. It cooks one pizza every 8 minutes, but we must still test it! All pizza recipes welcome.

  3. I had a pizza with Mrs Balls Chutney and Russian sausages sliced on it from 'Romans' in Edenvale last night....I've still got heartburn!

  4. jvdh - I'd say somewhere inbetween. Not thick, and not paper thin. For me, it has to be crispy. Even in the middle, and that's what I like about this dough.

    Guy - so glad the huisie is fixed! Yay! I remember the night the boat blew up next door(the same day my dad beached our boat on a sandbank in the river), same day I was flat with food poisoning. You know I will have to visit again to get rid of the bad juju :-)

    Can it cook a big pizza? Every 8 minutes must mean hotternhel, which is perfect. My only requirement for good pizza is good buffalo mozzarella, not the rubbery stuff that is sold as mozzarella. Unfortunately it's more expensive, but I'd rather eat fewer pizzas, with the good stuff. I've seen it at Woollies and perhaps at the Italian shop next door.

    Mal - Edenvale? You're in the heart of it. Fortunately I have yet to experience the country of heartburn. Maybe I must eat Russian sausages?

    Why are the SAfricans commenting on the giant pizza post? That's interesting.

  5. I've a real weakness for good pizza. I make chilli/herb oil to pour on it, hot (spicy) as I can get it.

    Something of a love hate relationship with merguez. Love the pure beef ones, hate those which have too much mutton minced in them, too strong.

    Power to the pizza!

  6. Nonono! Lazy is texting Domino's Pizza. And then making the wife/kids answer the doorbell.

    (Please leave the recipe bookmarked. ;-) )

  7. Actually, post-Club Med days. St Lucia era to be precise. The guys were cheap. They could have awarded me at least four slices...

  8. Oh my, now that's a pizza! My hubby would love that kind of pizza too. I don't know what it is with men and pizza but they go crazy over it.

  9. Rob - that oil sounds berber' good. I like hot, too. I think the two kinds of merguez I get locally are all lamb but it doesn't taste sheepy. So perhaps lamb vs mutton? I tasted that strong taste for the first time the other day, with some ribs, and I could actually not finish eating them. A first for me, and quite weird. Not off, just awfully...sheepy. I grew up with lamb, too, and never experienced it. Must investigate.

    Dinahmow, will do :-)

    Beence, shame, you do need a whole pizza, really. But it goes straight to your legs. Nice legs, btw :-)

    Meems, yeah, what's up with that? I mean, don't we also like pizza a lot? Do they like it more (I think so)? The red sauce? The cheese? Is the guilt factor stronger with women...um, like, duh, yeah? (Sorry, practising my valley girl.)

  10. Um, I would think with all those tomatoes growing on the roof that you would have something frozen or canned (from the roof) for the pizza top... Looks wonderful, no matter. I always come to this blog when I need cheering and you never let me down. Thank-you!

  11. nice pizza for vinnie two slices. i'll have to remember that...


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