Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anchovy spread

A can of anchovies in olive oil at Union Market was $7. No kidding. The same size can, also anchovies in olive oil, at Key Food: two cans for $3. Guess which ones we bought?

Drain the anchovies (1 can) and chop very finely. Also chop very finely one clove of garlic. Mash 3 tablespoons of butter with the blade of the chopping knife. Now mash all three together with the knife until smooth. Spread thinly on slices of baguette. Pour yourself a glass of off-dry, very cold white wine, in this case 'Flying Ace Riesling', 2008 (Mosel).

Best eaten with a close friend.


  1. Rhubarb at the newly opened (last Spring) Fairway: $9/pound.
    Rhubarb at the long established Stop & Shop: $4/pound.
    No contest.
    (Honestly, it's rhubarb. Even if you're a rhubarb enthusiast, and I am, how much better could it be?)

  2. HOW MUCH?!!!!!!!!!
    I can see I'd better take Melanie shopping with me!
    Anchovie pate brings memories of a dear friend.

  3. I think I can get about six cans at Costco for less than $10 - will have to checks for sure because that spread sounds great. Definitely on the "try it" list.

  4. Wow, so expensive. I love anchovies, this spread looks delicious.

  5. Anchovy lovers everywhere thank you. So simple, I can't wait to try. It would probably stand up very well to acorn bread.


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