Monday, December 27, 2010

No. 9

Soon I shall have to venture further than my mother's garden, but for now, here are some more flowers from Constantia. Above, the native Dietes grandiflora. The flowers do not last long, about two days, but so many are in bloom at the same time that they are very effective, planted en masse.

The Peruvian Lily, Hymenocallis 'Festalis', growing in a pot on the patio.

From North America, Lilium superbum.

Scabiosa incisa, native, and very common locally and a wonderful cut flower.

Penstemon, but we don't know which one. It was an anonymous give-away.

A plectranthus in bloom now, which seems rather early, growing in the shade. I must look it up. It is a wonderful, thick ground cover.

 The by-now much-photographed pin tailed whydah.

And a red-eyed dove, one of several which comes to eat seed put out for them on the patio.

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