Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shore Theater awarded Landmark status

The Shore Theater, Landmarked today.

My November post about Coney Island contained an error. I identified the building above as the Shore Hotel, destined for demolition, courtesy of the aptly-named Mr Joe Sitt. In fact The Shore Theater was today awarded Landmark status! This information courtesy of a Flickr member (who is also the blogger behind Amusing the Zillion) who kindly set me straight in that corner of the Web

The building that has just been demolished in Coney Island is the Shore Hotel, below, with red and yellow shutters, photographed that November day, as we wandered in the deserted alleys that flanked it.

 The Shore Hotel, November 2010. Demolished. 

The timing was strange because just last night the Frenchie and I had a long conversation about the demolition, mistaking the one for the other, and questioning why on earth the Landmarks Preservation Commission would not protect the building.

Vince offered that perhaps they had written Coney Island off as a dump. I countered that it is the most famous dump in America.

So there is hope. But Mr Joe Sitt remains a carbuncle on the face of storied New York, whose botox injections are beginning to show. 

Unless we leap to preserve, soon the city will lose all expression.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Marie. Your photos of both Shores are lovely. I wouldn't be at all surprised if after the hotel got demolished last week the City got calls from people who thought the hotel was the theater building. The two buildings were frequently confused. Who knows--maybe that's what inspired 'em to announce the designation today!

  2. Well, thank you for enlightening me. It's enough to drive one into politics. Well, almost.


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