Monday, December 27, 2010

What terrace?

66 Square Feet

Looks like 30" to me...I am sick-envious of the snow-scenes. I want to see the hood transformed! I love snow, as long as no one is stuck in it. If that Frenchman is not wearing out his battery taking snow pictures he will be in BIG trouble. I am sure the cat is at the stove making him Dominican hot chocolate, while he stomps through the drifts. And Dinah, who takes over the cat-sitting shift when Vincent leaves for Cape Town,  is in the air, en route to JFK. Hers seems to be one of the few flights not canceled. Touch wood.

Personally, I think it is a stupendous welcome to New York.


  1. Wow! That's amazing! So glad the cat sitter is in transit and that Vince made it back for his guy-time with Estorbo, as well as for recording the beautiful snow.

  2. You're welcome to bring your shovel and enjoy the snow at my place anytime. I have 100 feet of sidewalk, plus the driveway, and walkways around the house to clear.

    Come on down. ;-)

  3. The huge question may be what time is she due in NYC? Most of your" airports were closed until mid-afternoon. It's a huge snow! Elizabeth, NJ got 31 inches - seriously!

    Hope Vincent takes wonderful photos for you, tho. Know you are looking forward to his arrival soon.

  4. The wonders of the internet (or the daftness of blog life?) - I heard a news report on the radio last night about the eastern coast's wintery conditions, so the first thing I did online this morning here in the UK was to click over to the weather/USA/NY to see if Vince is likely to be able to get out to you, and Dinah can get in for Don E! Travel safe all!

    And that is an astonishing pic of the terrace!

  5. Wow! We got nada. But we have a 30" ham so if Diana's flight gets diverted to DC we can feed her for days.
    xo Jane

  6. Wow, you guys totally beat us up there; we only got seven inches here in Greensboro. But consider that the odds are only 5 in 100 that it would snow here in North Carolina on Christmas normally, we totally blew it out of the water.

    But you guys have absolutely nuked it out of the atmosphere with your snow.

  7. So glad Dinah's flight wasn't cancelled. Now, will Vince be able to get out of Dodge?

  8. Love the mental image of Estorbo at the stove making hot chocolate for Beence!...and am much relieved that he got back to NY safely and relatively easily.

  9. I should be sad to have missed it! And the winds, which no doubt created your 30 inches plus!

    I would have been in Prospect Park the moment the wind ceased, for pictures, for paintings.

    Oh, I'll have to live with my Mn snow.

    To be in two places...


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