Friday, December 24, 2010

The breakfast bird

He eats breakfast on the patio while I eat breakfast on the patio.

He is a pin tailed whydah, but is really a very puffed up small bird with a Napoleon complex. He spends much of the day chirping hysterically while flapping back and forth between the jacaranda tree and the feeding station, and showing off to his long suffering female companion. But he is very pretty, and quite tame. 


  1. Love the tail, love the bird. Wish I had something like that come to my feeders along with my cardinals, bluebirds and finches. What a photo that would be!

  2. What a great bird!Merry Christmas! Hope you and Smoothman have a wonderful time in SA.

  3. If I had a tail like that, I'd show it off too ;-)

  4. Same bird as before? He's become so friendly!


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