Monday, December 6, 2010

Consider the dumpling

Pride comes before a fall...

But the shrimp and chive, and parsley and green onion dumplings were a great success.


 Work in progress.


  1. There's gotta be a way to make it work.

  2. I'm impressed that you tried! The rest look yummy!

  3. Baie impressive. Sou dit 'n eier dumpling wees?

  4. Egg-cellent effort. And so much more delicate than the DUMP-lings I had at a Germanesque eatery recently. They brought back all the gooey stomach-filling memories of the chicken-stew dumplings of my youth.

  5. Would it be wrong to have those for breakfast? It is breakfast time in Cape Town and I have a sudden uncontrollable urge for dumplings.

    Really looks absolutely delicious and beautifully made!

  6. jvdh - ja, eiers is baie evocative...

    Frank - yes, I think just sticking the wrappers' edges together is the trick.

    webb - it was fun, and messy eating!

    arcadia - dit sou inderdaad :-)

    Janet - my youth was dumplingless. Sniff.

    wild rose - in NYC's Chinatown, dim sum dumplings are intended for breakfast, though it takes some getting used to.


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