Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Trees

Atlantic Avenue at Clinton Street

In the cold month before Christmas the migrants have arrived. On corners the Québécois make a stand with their rows of fragrant trees. They have beards and woollen hats and unironic plaid shirts and speak with ze accents from ze cold places up nors...

Court at Pacific Street

In the first picture, the dog with a pink leg?

A mystery.


  1. Coordinated with the owner's yellow head.

  2. Likely a cast, recovering from an injury.

  3. Yes, pink vet-wrap. (Wonderful stuff! It's a stretchy, self-clinging crepe and, for the fashionistas, comes in several colours.)

  4. I always get a little sad seeing all those cut trees on the sidewalk. Hopefully once the season is over it gets mulched and returned to the soil.

  5. Dit lyk baie magical. Ek sou wat wou gee om Kersfees in NYC te ervaar.


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