Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Raisin bars

There are some very good, spice-rich, old fashioned cookies next door at (the Food).

I have written about them before, but I cleaned up the recipe and made it all neat. This is still the end of my mission to take all the recipes from this blog and transfer them neatly next door, for easy access. Problem was I got side-tracked with new food.

Very simple and not very beautiful, the cookies are perfect for this time of year (cloves, cinnamon, allspice), and comforting to eat when the world is too much with you.

Or when you just want a cookie.

Eat ye cookies while ye may.


  1. Yummy! I love how you wrote the recipe - so enticing, can't wait to try making these.
    also love your 121 pics of 'your NY'.

  2. These look yummy, just wanted to give you a heads up there is a facebook page called The Whitmore Cafe that has stolen your picture and recipe without credit. https://www.facebook.com/TheWhitmoreCafe

    We are trying to get them shutdown they have stolen a bunch from other recipe blogs.

    1. Interesting. I can't find their Facebook page. Maybe they have already been shut down?


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